Hello world

Obligatory Welcome–Hello World

While, mostly in the “olden days” on websites, and perhaps more recently on blogs, the visitor was greeted with a “Welcome” message or initial post, I rather prefer to take a cue from the programming world and begin with a “Hello world” post.

For those unfamiliar with the “hello world” reference, essentially it represents a number of things in the computer programming world—a world I was going to enter, but diverted from…guess you could say my programming encountered a GOSUB without a corresponding RETURN.

On one hand, the “hello word” is one of the very first lines of code, regardless of programming language, that a beginner learns. I imagine it was one part “See how easy this is” mixed with one part “Ohh, ahh.”

On the other hand, perhaps a bittersweet homage from programmers, it also may serve as a simple “proof test” of a particular bit of code being worked on before investing hours into further code only to find out it was built on bad code to begin with.

Perhaps for me then and why I turn to that intro here now, rather than the obligatory “welcome,” is that it represents something more exciting; something that may not entirely been figured out yet, but is developing; something that offers a proverbial virtual hat tip to the past. Of course, this may also be a purely romantic notion on the part of yours truly and what follows from here on may not be all that exciting.

Fortunately, I’m okay with that. Hopefully, some of you will stick around and we can see what develops, and until then…