About Brian R. Brown

the website

Eons, not so long ago…at least that’s how it seems…this website was born. 2003 was the year and “the person,” after being downsized a year or so prior, found himself still on the path of discovery (aka, unemployed). In hindsight, this was a good thing—but that’s more to do with the person than the website.

So this website was created originally as a digital résumé slash portfolio, if you will. In truth though, it was probably mostly an avenue for the person to just release some energies in a creative way.

While it has undergone a few remodels, the overall purpose hadn’t changed until end of year 2009. Even then, the original purpose held true, however with a redesign the person added a new Gallery section and uploaded images of paintings, and suddenly the website dipped a toe into personal territory.

Here we are now, which at the time of writing is February 2014, over a decade since the website came into existence. With another redesign under its belt, the website makes a leap into the personal ground to provide the person with a new avenue for expression.

Like much of the world today, the lines that define the website are somewhat blurred…personal is no longer separate from professional, professional intertwines with the personal, work and play dance arm in arm like children on a playground, life is no longer defined by personal or professional, but by the person…it’s a brave new world.

the person

Brian R. Brown.
Brian R. Brown, the person

So the person is, by definition, just that…no more, no less than the next person; not distinguished by pedigree or by fortune…by all standards, just an average, everyday person.

The person was born in 1969, long before the website and long before this thing called the “Internet,” or at least the version that has become known as the “web” came into existence, without which, this story would be quite different. Not only would the website possibly not exist, but the person’s life would no doubt be quite a bit different as well.

The person grew up in a fairly typical middle-class upbringing in Iowa, went off to college, took a leave of absence, withdrew from college, went to work, went back to a different college, entered the mighty workforce, worked for several years at a few places, found himself unemployed…for quite awhile…and as was revealed above in the website section, found himself taking a moment to push life aside for a brief second to simply live, focusing on things of interest.

As all good stories go, this of course made all the difference, leading down an interesting trail that eventually brings us to today. Ahhh…the astute reader has detected a bit of a jump, an absence of detail, an overly quick passage from then to now…perhaps the person will share some of these tales here in the future.