Linn County Golf Classic

Golf events are very popular fund development events as they often draw from golf die-hards and non-golfers alike. Golf events take far more coordination than arranging your typical weekend foursome with the need for insurance, prizes, securing a course, food & beverage, promotion & registration, and other sponsorship.

While securing and managing volunteer support to assist with many of those tasks, all of the literature you see here, and more, was developed by me.

Sponsorship Packet

A complete sponsorship packet was created which detailed the sponsorship levels and included a registration form for sponsors to register a complimentary team. The samples below show the sponsorship packet that was sent out to potential sponsors. Along with information about the ADA, it detailed the various sponsorship levels and the benefits of involvement.

Promotional Poster & Registration Forms

The original poster was created on MS Word and featured green and black print on white legal-sized paper.

Registration forms for golfers were created for sponsors, giving them the opportunity to register golfers as well, they could also sign up employees as a reward or invite their clients or customers to golf for or with them, and as the event was open to the public, a regular registration form was used for any non-sponsors to register their 4-person teams as well.