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The Business of Back-To-School

Eldon was the dominant market leader in the school supply box market, offering the widest selection and highest quality of products. Within the BTS segment, Eldon maintained a very tight focus with plastic supply boxes and clipboards… no corrugate boxes, no lunch boxes, no folders.

Eldon also served as an industry leader in the BTS category with market-leading research, every year introducing the hottest colors and maintaining top licensed properties as chosen by the kids who used the products. This research not only kept the existing lines fresh but helped Eldon to launch new cutting-edge products, year after year and maintain a considerably dominant market share.

Being seasonal in nature and with Eldon’s immense product assortment, the program created incredible challenges to keep on top of trends, launch new products, and refresh the entire product line nearly every year, including Warner Bros. & Nintendo® licensed products.

Crayon Saver™ Making the World a Better Place… One Crayon at a Time

Perhaps the most intriguing, fun-shaped BTS product around, the Crayon Saver not only reached out to a younger consumer but created a new product segment. Learn more about the fun-shaped Crayon Saver.

Crayon Saver


How do you build a new brand when your leading brand makes up the largest share of the market? By introducing an out-of-this-world design and fun, cool features… by tossing a rock in the pond. Making the Wavemaker.


SpaceMaker®, Kids Dig Bumps

How do you know you’ve arrived? When competitors copy your product… good. When you achieve name recognition of elementary students… best. The one and only SpaceMaker school box.

SpaceMaker bumps

Licensed SpaceMaker®

Focusing on evergreen properties, Eldon rounded out its lineup with strong licensed properties to create a step-up price point segment.

Bugs Bunny

Thingamabox™ Nintendo®

Nintendo is all about 3-D action and interaction, so we made a school box will 3-D action. Wish you were still a kid? Meet the Thingamabox.

Thingamabox Nintendo

Sweet BTS Sell Sheets

The sell sheets that set the template for the BTS sell sheets to follow.

BTS 1999 Sell Sheet

Promotional Displays

The pallet design that transformed Eldon’s pallet program as well as new PDQ shelf displays. See the BTS displays.

BTS Pallet

Licensed Clipboards

Clipboards, which had been popular sellers during the Back-To-School season, gained added value with etched Looney Tunes™ and Scooby-Doo!™ designs. As a licensed property, there was added appeal to the adult market as well.

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