Back-to-School Sell Sheets

BTS 1999 Sell Sheet

The Start Of A Revolution

Like most of Eldon’s literature, these sell sheets were designed for product buyers at Eldon’s customers, rather than for distribution to the general public. Designed for buyers, sales managers, and sales reps, these sell sheets were used to introduce the Back-To-School program, including new products, color assortments, display packs, pricing, terms, and product specs.

The BTS sell sheets had to do it all. They were more than reference materials, they were a presentation tool. They not only showed the product but provided the support research, highlighted what was new, provided all the terms of sale, and included all of the spec details any customer would need to order.

In many ways, it was designed to be a standalone tool in case a sales rep wasn’t present. Because images and colors often changed and new products were introduced annually, the images needed to speak for the real product.

Not only that, but the version I sketched out myself went from a 6-panel gatefold to a three-hole drilled, 12-page stapled. Compare the 1998 sell sheet, previous to my involvement, with 1999.

1998 BTS Sell Sheet

The sell sheet prior to my involvement with the BTS program.

2000 BTS Sell Sheet

The first brochure after my change to the program. Compared to the 1999 version, you can clearly see that the template was set. The formula has been followed since.

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