Wavemaker school box

A Little Bit More

Knowing that every product lives some kind of lifecycle and knowing that much of our market share was contained in one family of products, we set out to create a future replacement before the need was critical.

As school boxes started playing the role of loss leader, we also knew that any replacement would have to be unique and compelling enough to command an equal or higher price point.

While the final product is seen here, hundreds of new concepts were drawn up, yielding more than just this new product. One design rippled to the top… literally. The new box had to have life, be an active shape, possessing motion and movement, like the ripples on a pond after tossing a rock in. We had a shape and look that kids would love, now time to break the rules. Like the Crayon Saver™ I wanted something that made it interactive and now also multi-functional. So we added cost by adding a second lid to the top, creating a compartment within a compartment, and did something no one had done before.

The added lid not only provided a secondary compartment, but also allowed an added dimension of color-blocking by allowing us to not only have a different color for lid and base, but also duplicate the base color or a third color for the secondary lid. While two colors versus a single color may seem rather trivial, we had learned the importance of this simple feature in the eyes of our consumer.