Rolling Quick File™

Rolling Quick File

Off-The-Desk Desktop File

The Quick File™ was Eldon’s trade name for desktop files. The Rolling Quick File began out of the realization that the number of “quick access” files, those files that get referenced far too often to ever make it into a filing cabinet, were typically exceeding the space within a desktop file, or even the space of the desktop itself.

But what could keep files within reach, free desktop space, be easily moved, and look good…not much…yet. So what do you get when you combine a weekend visit to the mall, $20, an existing need, and marketing ingenuity… the Rolling Quick File product expanded Eldon’s breadth of line but also expanded the design, engineering, and sourcing knowledge base into bent metal tubing.

Product Development

Sometimes product ideas come from completely different industries, from completely unrelated products, as simple as an existing $20, tiered, metal tube and mesh rolling vegetable bin from a mall kitchen store.

Initial prototyping doesn’t have to be fancy or complex, merely conceptual. A very low-cost prototype was created from the vegetable cart tubing, metal file rails, rubber bands, binder clips, and legal files to “sell” the concept to my team and the executive team.

From there, a CAD model concept, while based on the original idea, yet only one of many to be explored, was quickly pulled together. All of which yields a finished product unlike anything else on the market… ships in a box, has no tools assembly, thick soft grip main handle, and soft grip front rail handles.