Shelf Savers™ Products

A New Category Is Born

Shelf Savers products
Shelf Savers products

Initial Shelf Savers Products

The initial product launch consisted of:

  • 5 injection molded products
  • 3 imported wire metal products
  • a starter kit
  • pallet and half pallet displays

The Cube was the basic building block to the system, including two metal clips for fastening multiple units together. Following that was the aptly name, Cube with Drawer, building off of the Cube with the addition of a clear drawer. For extra capacity, easy access, and a distinctive look, the drawer natural protrudes beyond the opening of the cube.

If you have a single Cube, of course there must also be a Double Cube (jokingly referred to as the double-wide), which was double the width of the Cube. The Double Cube greatly expanded the capabilities of storage and configurations.

Thinking outside the box…literally for once…lead to the Big Bin and Bin, which broke the Cube mold…fortunately only figuratively in this case…by providing a unique stair-step configuration. Flip it up, and the shelves become dividers for vertical items or turn it sideways for yet another arrangement. The Bin also features individually removable shelves.

To round out the primary products, the Small and Extra Capacity wire stacking baskets as well as Two “Drawer” Wire baskets provided catch all support for bulk supply items.

Five New Product Additions

The addition to the product line consisted of 5 injection molded products. Four of the new products were developed around the Cube, which still served as a foundation for the product line. The fifth product followed a different strategy of being the only product developed for holding specific office supplies.

Finally, something that efficiently organizes writing instruments, the X-Cube. The creation of a divider combined with the existing Cube, brought forth additional product breadth. The divider was one piece that could split a Cube diagonally in half, or be combined with another divider to make quadrants. Shipped as a Cube and two dividers, the ultimate control of configurations was still left to the end user.

The Divided Cube was the same size as the original Cube, but with a built in shelf, recessed from the opening so that units could still be clipped together on all sides, this product addressed the idea that sometimes even a Cube could get cluttered.

The Double Drawer Cube came to mind during late development of the initial offering. While the original Cube w/ Drawer was meant to be used as much as a stationery dump bin to be overfilled, this product recaptured the full storage capacity of the Cube space. A combination of two drawers and the divided cube.

A new, smaller drawer, combined with the Divided Cube led to the 4-Drawer Cube, giving even greater control of space management. Creative users would see that they could mix two of the mini-drawers with one large drawer for additional configurations…or two mini-drawers alone yielding an open space and drawer combination.

The Note Dispenser was however the first product in the line dedicated to specific products. The Dispenser holds 3″ X 3″ adhesive notes and standard boxed tape refills. The front opening provided increased visibility, but also easy access to straighten product as it was added. Also designed with keyholes on the back for wall mounting, creating a new concept of mini-supply stations that could be placed anywhere.