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Creation & Launch

It is always amazing when opportunities present themselves, right before your eyes, often so gracefully that you might not even notice them. I decided to pursue my interest in polo and approached the Madison Polo Club about getting involved in their student program and offering to rebuild their website.

Like many clubs, their site had been touched over the years by many hands, most of which had little time to do anything but update the most critical information. The site was a mix of looks, fonts, and everything else. Along with my interest in polo, I had an interest and a minor bit of experience in HTML and decided that I could make some great improvements and really help the club.

I built a new site for the club from the ground up. The members were very impressed and we started getting lots of comments from other people who knew of the club as well as people who were learning about the club because of the website and the search engine submissions I had done. One thing led to another and I found myself presenting a proposal to rebuild a site for Krupp General Contractors, LLC in Madison. They accepted my proposal and I found myself scrambling to put together my business, and so two of my interests led me to something that I had always wanted to do, start my own business, and the rest, as they say, is history. A round of ideas, some great input from good friends, and a logo was born.

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