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Family Business

Not unlike many other fraternities, I imagine, we too had many debates on the balance between business and brotherhood. Our chapter was very active in philanthropy and community relations and like our international-level management, was also very involved in risk management.

The experience was far from most people’s imaginations and the movies they’ve seen about Greek life. Some of my greatest learning experiences have come from involvement with Lambda Chi Alpha… leadership, stress management, organization, meeting management, risk management, budgetary control and fiscal management, public relations, project management, networking, promotion, conflict resolution, delegation, human relations, etc. In fact, there has probably not been a single day that has gone by in my professional career that did not benefit from my experience and time within this organization.

Role Call

I held to offices and served as an active member throughout my college career. Since much of the visual materials to be shown here easily crossover the boundaries of my various roles, the two positions held will be briefed here and then the visual presentation will be broken out as appropriate.


The role of the president was obviously to manage the chapter, which included 10 officer positions. The president, or High Alpha, ran the chapter meeting and Exec meetings, specifically sat on the Risk Management Task Force and alumni committees, but also served in some capacity on many if not all of the other officers’ meetings. Additionally, this role interacted with other leaders on campus as well as faculty and administrative leaders, held fiscal responsibilities, and leadership and management development of the other officers and members.

This role was especially involved in both the development of my leadership skills and the skills of others through the officer training I created and by recognizing leadership displayed by non-officers.

High Zeta training manual cover


This role actually consisted of four roles in one. As expected, this role also backed up the president and ran the chapter in the president’s absence. The vice-president, or High Beta, was responsible for philanthropy, community & public relations, membership involvement, and fund development. This position was by far the most overloaded and demanding role within our chapter. Not only did this role manage several committees of its own, but also sat on every official chapter committee.

These roles had specific duties, many of which can’t be reflected visually here, and since I created some of the things here when I wasn’t an officer, it makes sense to present them into categories rather than try to link them specifically under the roles.

Event Promotion

Posters, flyers, and other materials are used to get the word out about events. See examples of event promotion pieces.

LCA event promotion

Community Relations

See examples of Invitations and informational sheets for the organization.

LCA community relations