Community Relations at Lambda Chi Alpha

LCA community relations

Extending Invitations

Whether it was arranging faculty and staff receptions or creating informational sheets, along with further developing planning and project management skills, these events also provided endless opportunities to further my desktop publishing skills.

As we maintained very strong relations with the faculty and staff, these frequent events we early lessons in networking. The examples below are just a few of the pieces that were created over the years.

LCA Rush Fact Sheet

Rush, that challenging event used to introduce and attract new members. All this is made even more challenging when there are so many misconceptions. This was our way to make sure those interested in Lambda Chi Alpha left with more facts than fiction.

Associate Member Dance

The first learning experience for event management. The AM’s plan a dates’ and brothers’ party for the chapter. We planned the entire thing in secrecy and the invite was used to achieve a goal and misdirect at the same time. The first half was a formal dinner out on the town, with the second half not leading to a beach party, but swimsuits were needed for the secret toga party… all nonalcoholic. In addition to the dance, we had T-shirts created.

Faculty & Staff Receptions

We maintained a strong respect for, and dare say with, the faculty and staff on campus. We were leaders in grades and in community support and used these receptions to help break the Greek stereotypes and build relations outside of the lecture halls.

In addition to Spring receptions, Fall receptions were held also. These also helped our newest members create important relationships with faculty and staff early on in their academic careers.