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Moving In-House

Joining SilkRoad Technology was a substantial change. After nearly 10 years of serving clients, this was the first move to the other side, stepping into an in-house position. Not only did it present the opportunity to add direct in-house experience in SEO, but also gain paid search experience as well.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this opportunity was that it came without compromise. While company headquarters are in Chicago, I was still going to be able to work primarily from home. It was a newly created position and I would still have plenty of opportunity to educate everyone on SEO. Even though it was a director role and senior management position within the Marketing Department, it would still require a hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves approach. Best of all, it would be a position that carried the full support of the executive team.

  • Director, Search Marketing

During my tenure at SilkRoad Technology, I achieved some monumental successes:

  • Drove 43% YOY site-wide organic search traffic and 135% YOY site-segment traffic for the primary website.
  • Led SilkRoad’s PPC program to a 173% increase in conversions and a 66% decrease in cost/conversion.
  • Drove PPC program conversions in 2015 that exceeded the prior 3 years combined with a smaller annual budget.