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Making My Way

During my final year in college after returning from my abroad study program in England, I interned with the United Way. While I assisted with a number of different projects, my main involvement was within the fund development area.

Invest In Your Future Brochure

An Investment In My Future

This brochure holds extra special meaning for me as it was the first “commercial” piece I ever made. While that is no doubt true for every designer out there, this one is even more special since I wasn’t nor have I since been technically trained as a designer.

With copy on all sides, it was not designed as a mailer but was small enough to fit in a standard business envelope. Most unique was the feature of its internal dimensions, which were wider than a standard tri-fold brochure, such as the Payroll Deduction brochure, which could then be placed inside this brochure.

This brochure was designed to be handed out during new employee orientations at local companies that sponsored the United Way of East Central Iowa. It not only introduced the United Way to people but described what methods were available for people to contribute, such as time or money.

Payroll Deduction Brochure

Payroll deduction was by far the most popular method for employees to make contributions to the United Way. This brochure was designed to not only speak to employees about the benefits of payroll deduction but also targeted the organizational leaders, such as company executive staff and Human Resources about the benefits of the program.

As it could work as a stand-alone piece or as a companion piece, actually capable of fitting inside the Invest In Your Future brochure, a similar color scheme was used.