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  • Down But Not Out, Blucher Moc DIY Shoe Repair

    Down But Not Out, Blucher Moc DIY Shoe Repair

    Those who know me well—ok, perhaps many who just know me, in passing…or by reputation alone—know that clothing and the related is something for which I hold great interest and passion. Note too that I specifically reference “clothing” rather than “fashion”…there is a difference. This goes back to my first job in a department store,…

  • Hanging Picture Frames

    Hanging Picture Frames

    Part of the “Making the Family Photo Wall” post series: Hanging a single picture frame or painting can be a nightmare in its own right, let alone hanging 14 in a collective display. There are some tricks however that can really make this relatively painless. Some time ago I learned a great gallery-hanging technique as…

  • Modern Man’s Pen

    Modern Man’s Pen

    Let me start by saying that having a great pen neither makes the writing great nor legible. That said, that wonderful writing instruments seem to be more of a collectible item than essential seems a shame. The great pen has unfortunately taken a beating over time, both on the technology front as well as the…