Global Quick File™

Global Quick File

Desktop File For All Desks

The Global Quick File™ combined a number of features that had never been found in one product.

While there were a small number of desktop files that were adjustable to hold different-sized hanging folders, there was only one other that could hold the four most common sizes: letter and legal (domestic sizes), and A4 and foolscap (international sizes).

This allowed one product to be produced for global use, but more importantly, preserved a uniform image on the desk where different-sized folders were kept. Now, a user could have one file for letter and another for legal, but not need two completely different-looking products.

Adding to the complexity of the product, the adjustability was achieved by a metal file rail that was inserted into open grooves on one end of the product that could be slid into position for the various sizes.

Because desk space has finite limits, but the number of files one needs or wants to keep out and in close reach appears to be infinite, the product was designed so that another unit could be stacked on top.

Previous research had shown that while horizontal space is extremely limited and typically overfilled, vertical space in most cubicles and offices is hugely underused.

The Global Quick File joined another important Storage product, the Pizazz™ magazine file.

Together, they helped complete the Pizazz™ family of desktop products (a small subset pictured here). Surprisingly, there are very few desktop product lines that have desktop files and magazine files that match the letter trays, pencil cups, and other desktop products, making Pizazz one of the most complete line of products for the desk available.

Product Development

The design of the product was challenging with aggressive angles and parting lines. With the addition of the metal sliding rail, the need for an SLA model to see and test the product full size was a necessity. The unique stacking feature allowed the consumer to free up desktop space and better utilize the vertical free space that is typically found. The final product gained a very modern look thanks to the unique styling and smoked graphite blue color. An adjustable metal file rail is seen in position (below) to hold letter-sized hanging files.