Professional Writing

I have written for a number of different online and print publications, mostly in relation to the web and SEO. If only to help myself keep track of what, when, and where, the following list serves as a compendium of most of my professional writing.

Multichannel Merchant

Multi Channel Merchant

Multichannel Merchant is a major ecommerce retailer industry publication, both online and in monthly print form, where I’ve had the pleasure of providing website critiques.

  • In This Corner…Title MMA
  • Essential Tools for SEO
  • A tough look at Tender Heart
  • CHEFScatalog Gets Critiqued
  • Perusing the Patagonia site
  • Digging in to Michigan Bulb


Moz logo

SEOmoz is not just a well-respected SEO firm, but is one of the leading sources for SEO discussion and education. It’s also made up of a great team of people…I can truly say I haven’t met any SEOmozzers I didn’t like. In addition to posts within their YOUmoz section, I’ve had the privilege of having a number of my posts promoted to the main blog. Here you can find my profile page, where I am known as “identity,” and direct links to my blog posts.

  • Get Annual Local Demand from Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Oh oh. Made Google Drop an ‘o’
  • Blog for Your Dinner
  • SEOmoz Is Clueless
  • How to make spiders crawl backwards
  • How do you Role your SEO?
  • Identifying long tail patterns
  • 5 Ideas to kick-start your marketing ideas…or anything else
  • 10 Dead giveaway signs you are a self-employed search marketer and/or web designer
  • SEO – Well if it isn’t rocket science?

Searchlight | CNET Blog Network

Searchlight CNET blog.

Blogged on the “Searchlight” SEO blog as part of the CNET Blog Network.

  • Be unique to avoid duplicate content
  • Selling duplicate content
  • Understanding duplicate content: Outside view
  • Duplicate content: separating the penalty from the filter
  • Use SEO to optimize your recession
  • Recession – the best thing for SEO
  • Analyze and create robots.txt files in Google
  • No. 1 in Google may not be enough
  • It’s about the experience
  • LinkedIn goes corporate
  • Quick header response check a list of domains
  • LinkedIn: your SEO card file
  • Special relationships with the search engines
  • Super Bowl ads reveal big companies don’t get it
  • Social media . . . just say no?
  • The Office, CSI, and Ugly Betty get it
  • Counting links the easy way
  • $15 Official Super Deluxe Search Marketer’s Kit
  • MSN Handing out lumps of coal for the holidays?
  • Ten games for search marketers
  • Visualizing a balanced link profile
  • How sustainable is Black Friday?
  • Searchy Thankfulness
  • MSN’s Live Search Webmaster Center goes…live
  • What’s the sound of PageRank falling?

Natural Search Blog

Natural Search Blog logo

SEO blog operated by Netconcepts. Profile page and archival list with links to all of the following blog posts.

  • LinkedIn, But NoFollow Link Love
  • New Tool to Annualize Google Keyword Data
  • SEO Tools: Using Xenu and Excel – Blindfolded SEO Audit Part 2
  • SEO Services: Blindfolded SEO Audit Part 1
  • Social Media Costs … More Than Just ROI Calculations
  • Social Media Measurement
  • Social Media Marketing Goals
  • Measuring Link Bait
  • Natural Search Marketing is Just in Time Conversation
  • 60-Second Website Audit

Business Watch Magazine

Business Watch logo

I wrote a monthly column, Presence Pointers, about many aspects of web presence in addition to SEO. Business Watch was a print-only publication that has since stopped publishing. You can find the articles below now republished within the Instillery section of my business site, Identity Developments.

  • Social Scenes
  • Online New Year’s Resolution: Socialize
  • Measuring Success By the Click
  • Buying Position
  • Are You Accessible?
  • Do You Know SEO?
  • Being Blog Worthy
  • It’s That Time Again
  • Are you Linked In?
  • Search To Be Found
  • Talking to spiders
  • Realizing Recessionary Gains
  • Leap Onto the Web
  • Get In Shape For 2008
  • Holiday Tips for Procrastinators
  • It’s not about you
  • Reputection – the other half of Reputation Management
  • Got a Rep to Protect?
  • Is your website Flash in the pan?
  • The Web, coming to a location near you

Identity Developments

Identity Developments logo

Below is a collection of articles (combined with republished articles from publications) that I’ve written on my own business website, Identity Developments, which can be found in the Instillery section.

  • Social Scenes
  • The New 4Ps of Marketing… 4 Ps 2.0
  • Creating Content for Your Website 101
  • 5 Sources For New Content Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of
  • 5 Simple Marketing Ideas Learned From Lands’ End Business Outfitters
  • You Are Your Website
  • Drive More Business While Decreasing Your Advertising Costs
  • You Don’t Need A New Website
  • Web Design… Who To Hire?
  • Web Design… What Is It?
  • Webvolution

Marketing Profs

MarketingProfs logo

A well-respected online publication covering all aspects of marketing, focused on actionable direction and geared toward all levels, from simple start-ups to big brand corporations. Brief profile page and archive of articles links.

  • How to Strengthen a Site Through Title Tag Strategies: Part Two, Advanced
  • How to Strengthen a Site Through Title Tag Strategies: Part One, The Basics
  • Maximize Your Search Potential Through BS

Inside SEM

Iinside SEM logo

You can find the posts below now republished within the Instillery section of my business site, Identity Developments.

  • Greetings from Google Local!
  • Is Your Website Headstrong?
  • Search Engine Marketing Diet