Shelf Savers™ Starter Kit & Pallet

Starter Kit Became An Everyday Item

Shelf Savers Starter Kit packaging, prototype
Shelf Savers Starter Kit packaging, prototype

The power of the product was in modularity, the infinite combinations of the individual pieces together. The Starter Kit gave the ability to sell one piece that helped demonstrate the interaction of the 3 cube products.

The Starter Kit was Initially meant to launch this new product category, and then go away. It became such a powerful piece to communicate the product concept that it became an everyday SKU and gained shelf and catalog placement aside the other products.

The first concept was nothing more than a tray with a 2″ lip around the perimeter. Since we knew that we needed to educate the consumer from the beginning of this line, I developed a rough concept as pictured below. The final version, thanks to the creative work of great packaging and graphics team members, resulted in the finished piece, which held very true to the original concept, but also simpler & cheaper with regard to cutting die and assembly!

The finished piece proved not only unique in look, it provided the ideal vehicle that displayed the actual products, told the required “Before & After” story, and showed other products within the line.

Promotional Pallet Challenge

The pallet presented the challenge of positioning nine different products, varying greatly in sizes, and provide a large graphical interface with which to attract, educate, and sell each piece. One side held the three cube products and the 2 bin products, while the other side held the Starter Kit and the three wire products.

Neutral components were used for both sides to decrease cost and component inventory. Additionally, a half pallet of just the cube and bin side could be created with only a different pallet skirt and an HSC cap.

The side panels provided one of the largest graphical displays in Eldon history and showed each individual item as well as the critical “Before & After” story on both the full and half pallet configurations. In addition to the graphic side panels, a pallet header was created to top off the pallet for front on visual impact and greater visibility within the store, as well as a mini-version of the side panel… calling out each individual product and repeating the “Before & After” story.