Shelf Savers™ Product Literature

Two Generations of Product Literature

Shelf Savers sell sheets
Shelf Savers sell sheets

I assisted with conceptual direction and final approval for two generations of literature.

Supply door cover provided connection to the concept as well as an intriguing pull for attention. “Before” and “After” photos were used to convey immediate recognition and identification with products and concept.

The sell sheets for the Shelf Savers™ products were developed for Eldon’s customers and for commercial purchasers, rather than end-user consumers.

The challenge to overcome was to demonstrate a theoretical problem and create an immediate identification with the problem, and then present the products as the solution, all within a very limited amount of space.

Still being relatively new, the second sell sheet had to maintain the educational intent of the first, while also adding 5 new products and incorporating a new corporate identity.

Initial Sell Sheet

New Sell Sheet