Shelf Savers™ Product Packaging

Presenting A Challenging Package

Shelf Savers packaging
Shelf Savers packaging

The challenge of capturing interest, educating about a problem and new solution, protecting the product, and minimizing costs.

Three sided sleeves were chosen to keep costs down and still allow consumers to see and touch these new products.

The left panel provided an area to show line art of the various products and demonstrate one the product’s key features… modularity. The center panel provided the main selling space and was challenged to deliver a lot of information in a very small area… show the product in use, detail dimensions and brief copy, and the “Before & After” story. The right panel picked up the remaining information… show an additional in use photo of the product, a portion of additional product, and any remaining bullet point copy.

Cube with Drawer with Mock Packaging Sleeve

An early version pictured here shows placement on the product… note the impact of the “Before” shot on the actual packaging. Cutouts on the front panel allowed the sleeve to be partially recessed into the drawer.

Unlike most of the products, the Bins provided enough space to really show the product in use, detail the extra function of the removable divider on the Bin, while still keeping a large amount of the product still visible. While less modular by nature, the perhaps less intuitive nature of the various orientations needed to be demonstrated as cleanly as possible.